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Sim Hero Official FAQ

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Will Sim Hero still be free forever?

For now, it is free. If we decide to try a Steam Greenlight (and are successful), all $5 and above Kickstarter backers will receive steam codes. If we try something else, all $5 Kickstarter backers will get access to the game for free. In all scenarios, $5 backers (and above) will have access to this incarnation of Sim Hero without further charge.

On what platform(s) can I play Sim Hero?

Only Microsoft Windows for now.

Will information in the user guide be expanded?

Oh yes. As we move towards launch that will get fleshed-out and expanded. We're also working on a Wiki.

What control options are available?

Mouse, Keyboard, XBox gamepad.

Can I rename my heroes?

You may rename your main character as well as most every other hero in the game.
There are a few unique heroes who may join - you may not rename those heroes.

Regardless, each hero will develop their own unique "history" as they adventure.

(to rename:call up the STATUS menu for a hero and scroll down to the "rename" option)

How do you win/lose?

You can "beat" the game by defeating the final boss (of course, you may keep playing after that).

And defeat comes when any of your "critical resources" (represented on the HUD: Food, Population, Happiness) falls below 1. Events or your own mismanagement can cause this to happen. You will also lose if your leader is defeated in combat.

(We may add in a "sandbox" option at some point)

Is the settlement upgradeable?

Yes, the settlement is upgradeable with different paths for each building, allowing for customization and great replay value.

Are the character classes "linear" or "branching"?


As you level up in classes, more classes will unlock - but that depends on what classes you've previously unlocked. So, a certain class may require a few other class unlocks to achieve... And the newly unlocked class will have its own branches.

If you want to play a platemail-wearing, wand-blasting, poisoning expert - that functionality is already built into the game. Ultimate flexibility! While your wand-platemail character will be good at what he/she does, they cannot also be good at other stuff at the same time (say: healing the party).

Can I re-size the screen?

This is a planned feature. For now, the resolution & size is locked at 1024x768.

Can I disable the music?

Yup. Hit F1 and toggle the checkboxes for BGM and ME (Background Music, Music Effects). (Alternatively, call up the menu and choose the "System" option to change the music and sound effect volume levels)

What was Sim Hero coded in?

RPGMaker VXAce.